The C & O Canal

“It is pleasant to have been to a place the way a river went.” – Henry David Thoreau

This portfolio was begun in May of 2000, when I moved back to the Washington area after a sojourn in London.  My husband, Joe and I decided to hike along the  Chesapeake and Ohio Canal along the Potomac River from the Watergate to the terminus in Cumberland, Maryland.  

We wanted to experience anew the portions of the park that we remembered fondly, such as Georgetown and Great Falls, but we also wanted to explore areas that we’d never seen such as Big Pool and the Paw Paw Tunnel.  I hoped that I could look at the whole journey freshly and appreciate it, moment by moment, just as I had appreciated the journey along the Thames. 

It would be an opportunity for me to come back to my roots in Washington, but with a perspective that had been shaped by seven years overseas.  Like the Thames, the Canal has its ambiance, its lore, its spirit.  I tried to capture its timelessness amidst the remarkable change that it has seen.